About a decade ago friends and friends of friends started to commenting that they liked the photos that I was taking of my young son (which soon became sons) and would I be willing to photograph theirs.  “Sure” I said and Paul Keitz Photography was born.  It was a part time business that grew to incorporate landscape photography and custom framing.  I really enjoyed having a hobby that could support itself financially and began laying the groundwork to establish it as self-supporting business.  In 2011, with the encouragement of my wonderful wife, I decided to hang up my Gantt charts as a project manager and focus on the business full time.  In the first year, the business has grown in all sorts of directions from product photography (hopefully my pictures will be on store shelves soon!) to shooting interiors for designers.  I’ve tried to run the different types of photography as independent businesses .  This blog is an effort to create a space where I can bring it all together, talk about whatever project I’m working on and share it with family, friends, clients and anyone who is inclined to read about it.    Thanks for dropping by.  Cheers – Paul

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