2012 Chrysalis Award – S.E.A. Construction

This year I’ve been doing quite a bit of interior photography work for S.E.A. Construction (San Mateo, CA) and last week their head of marketing and business development, Petalyn Albert, informed me the one of the interior remodels that I had photographed had won a statewide award for interior kitchen renovation.   Cool!

Needless to say it was a pretty difficult kitchen to capture because of the huge window that ran the entire length of the kitchen.  It was requested that I capture blue sky in the images to highlight the view.  Just great!  It was only 9am and my poor D3x couldn’t handle it.  Lens flare and blinkies (actually just one gigantic blinkie where the window was) everywhere on the LCD.  Fill flash didn’t look natural at the power I needed to balance the light and HDR bracketing didn’t look like it was going to work either because of lens flare (blooming) when over exposing the windows.  What to do?  I punted and went home!  But, I came back when the sun was lower on the horizon and mother nature had done the balancing act for me.  Shooting with crossover light has its own challenges and one has to work fast because the good light is very transient.  In the end, I captured a great set of images and everyone was pleased.  Petalyn made the following video to celebrate the award which features the images from the shoot.  You can see the full gallery on my website using the link at the top of this page.

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8 Responses to 2012 Chrysalis Award – S.E.A. Construction

  1. Diana says:

    The kitche remodel should be featured in Sunset magazine.

    • paulkeitz says:

      Thanks Di! Totally Sunset Magazine. It’s one of the “models” that I consider when I’m viewing a space that I’m planning to photograph.

  2. Celeste Blackwell says:

    Your picture makes the kitchen totally desirable. Soft tones and the best view. Great way to capture the view through the window.

  3. H.Gill says:

    Paul what a fantastic picture. You really have captured all the kitchen and great move to use the tools around you such as nature to your advantage. Also good to see your being rewarded and recognized for your immense talent.

    • paulkeitz says:

      Thanks for your generous comments H! SEA, Katja and Petalyn really deserve the credit for creating such a terrific space to photograph. The irony is that I know the owners and had recommended Katja and SEA Construction to them for the remodel! This was before I started doing photography for SEA. One of the pleasantly, strange twists of running a small local business. What’s not really in the pictures are the small flash units that I used to “fill” the kitchen with to lighten the shadows under the cabinet/chairs and the center cabinets. The effect looks pretty natural to my eye just a slight highlight on the ceiling.

  4. Petalyn says:

    I didn’t get to assist you on this one but certainly, I have tremendous fun with you on these shoots. Thank you for recommending Katja and SEA for this job. Let’s do that interview. I’m doing a press release about the regional award and would love a few quotes from you.

    • paulkeitz says:

      Likewise, I’ve enjoyed the shoots when we’ve worked together. I’ve learned a lot from you about crafting a story with photographs for a house or a room – your story board approach. I think with the SF Victorian remodel, we really nailed it. It took a 700 pictures but then again there always seemed to be one more floor in that house!

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