Mono Lake

Doesn't look at that cold.

After dropping off the family back at home from spring break, I repacked with warmer clothes and headed out with my good friend Gus Bergnes for a photography road trip to Mono Lake, the Alabama Hills and Death Valley.  Warmer clothes turned out to be a relative term, at least at Mono Lake.  Sure, warmer than the shorts and T-shirts over spring break but brrrrr not warm enough for the temps in the teens at Mono Lake.  Gus was not all too happy about his decision to leave his balaclava at home.  “It’s not the temperature, it’s the wawawawind”.  We got lucky with some clouds the first evening when this shot was taken but it was, unfortunately,  blue skies for the rest of the trip.

Some guy, the only other person out there I think, kept walking in to my field of view while I was shooting at this spot.  He was pretty polite about moving out of the way when I asked if he hoping for me to take his portrait among the tufa.  Eventually he come over to have a look on my LCD at my images.  Remarkably, after seeing this photo, he proceeded diss the composition and started to lecture me about where to put my camera and how I should frame the shot, actually pointing at ground to the very spot where I should put my tripod.  Geez, nice to meet you too.  Gus and I had a good laugh about it while reviving our hands holding bowls of chicken noodle soup at the Tiger Bar in June Lake.

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4 Responses to Mono Lake

  1. Gus Bergnes says:

    I have a greater appreciation for what it takes to get a shot like this, that’s for sure. What’s remarkable to me is that, besides finding such a nice composition, you caught a break in a strong, continuous wind that allowed you to get such nice reflections. It’s a shot in a million on that day!

    • paulkeitz says:

      Thanks Gus. I think it was more good fortune than skill regarding the surface movement of the water. Maybe where I set up for this photo was calmer than where you were. The bit of aquamarine reflection from the sky does create a nice contrast to the magenta in the sunset.

  2. Ellen says:

    Paul – I have been enjoying watching these pictures of the same area evolve over the years and it’s like revisiting an old friend. Somehow the intimacy with the landscape and richness of content increases each year. I love the narrative overlay you have given (especially about the presumptuous man and your travels with Gus). You know me – love a bit of comedy.

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